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Enjoy a stunning world with your community


Welcome to our server of the beautiful game Veloren. The server launched at August 7, 2021 and is considered to be in a testing-phase. This basically means that we learn to know Veloren together and small things may change. Mind that – while being very stable and fun – Veloren also is officially tagged as alpha and things may happen (scroll down for the Troubleshooting section). The server is currently installed on a very powerful machine, to provide you a lag-free experience.

Veloren is fully open-source, licensed under GPL 3. It uses original graphics, musics and other assets created by its community. Being contributor-driven, its development community and user community is one and the same: developers, players, artists and musicians come together to develop the game.
(Quote from the official website)

📍How to join

  1. Get the game from the Veloren website.
  2. Before doing anything else, create your account for this server by using the NEW ACCOUNT-form.
  3. Enter your credentials in the client. Type in veloren.tchncs.de as your gameserver and hit the button Multiplayer (or your Enter-key)
  4. Confirm that you trust our auth server that is auth.veloren.tchncs.de

🤝Stay in touch with your community

Unlike with Minetest (link goes to our Minetestserver), there currently only is a Discord-bot known for bridgeing the gamechat to the outside world. tchncs.de still tries to connect important platforms.

Join us on...

  • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Rzckb83FeW
  • Matrix: #veloren-server:tchncs.de
  • Matrix: #veloren-server-screenshots:tchncs.de
  • IRC: ##veloren-tchncs on Libera.Chat

💡FAQ & Troubleshooting

Testserver? Will you delete it down the road?

Depends on how many people join it and how stable it is. If it's amazing and used, it will stay.

Oh no, my launcher keeps crashing. What can i do?

Try to directly start the game, without launcher: ./airshipper run.
Source: @jiminycricket on Mastodon

Oh no, got Blackscreen all of the sudden!?

Everything bright became dark!?

Try setting your Lighting Render Mode to Type L – Cheap

I've got an error about "Version Mismatch", but my client feels uptodate :(

The client builds may take a little longer to build upstream and the server already received the latest update. Don't worry, restart Airshipper in a few minutes.

If you need further assistence, consult our bridged gamechat (see above) or consider asking the friendly Veloren-community directly. :)

🎈Scheduled downtime

This is a 24/7 server. However there are two situations where it's gonna be unavailable for a few seconds.

Updates Backups
🕠 Surprise'o'Clock 🕒 about 3am CET/CEST
The server continuously checks for available updates. If an update is found, it will notify the players 2 minutes in advance and then goes down for updating. The server no longer must go down, despite Veloren still using Sqlite3. We are now using the Online Backup API.


Useful links to get you started.

New account

WARNING: You can't reset your password later. Be sure not to loose it, but choose a secure one. The game supports copy & paste.