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The most powerful way of saying „thank you“

Thank you for supporting tchncs.de! 🎉 With your kind donation, you make the monthly expenses for the tchncs.de infrastructure possible. Additionally, you secure needed hardware-upgrades of the future – to ensure that resource-hungry services, such as Matrix, can stay long-term. In case of your admin having a hard month but good donation-coverage, you may also support him in paying important general invoices.
Thank you so much for that!

Dynamic goals

Generated at:

These goals are generated based on an average of operating costs, as well as the tracked time over the past three months. This excludes the current month. A goal is reached if the current month got enough donations to fulfill the target amount. The last goal is a more or less nice to have. It represents the amount of money, your admin would have received, if the time was spent for a customer. This would be 60-75 €/hr depending on the job, however the goal uses 60 € for the calculation.

in the hat for this month 🙏

Insights – the numbers from the past months, visualized

The following statistics are generated every few hours. When remembering that I only received €25 max in a whole year, just a few years ago, these numbers simply are mindblowing. But so are the usercounts: more than (est.) 60K users across all tchncs services. By donating more than the actual infrastructure costs, you enable me to keep going and to invest not only in upgrades but also in my human hours on the project. These are hard to track, because the project is part of my everyday life and things often happen spontanously. I usually calculate 60-75 €/h for clients #faq.

How these graphs work

  • Firefly-III
    Selfhosted finance manager
  • Timetagger
    Selfhosted timetracking
  • ChartJS
    For the fancy visuals above
  • Hot mess of scripts
    For fetching from the FF&TT APIs and building the graphs on this site
  • ODroid C4
    To depend less on a not-always-on machine, but still keep this stuff local
  • Cronie
    🕑 0 8-20 * * * UTC

Questions & Answers

Learn about how or why some things are displayed on this site... .

Why should I donate?

The machines and other costs for the tchncs.de infrastructure, are for the most part rented for tchncs.de stuff exclusively. Without support, I can't justify these monthly costs.

Why is the second goal so high?

The 'buffer' represents a worst-case szenario. Imagine media of PeerTube needs to be transferred to a different hoster. This could cause 300+ € of unexpected expenses with ease.

Why is the last goal so high?

The work I do for tchncs.de is also work that I would get paid for on other places. It is absolutly fine if it is not reached and you have nothing to worry about if it isn't, but mind that the time spent at tchncs.de might be time I don't have for projects where I actually get money from – so it would be great but is not required to get more than just for the infracosts. :)

Why are there little expenses during the current month?

Because invoices come at individual dates. For example: one host is paid for at the beginning of the month, others are due around the 20th and storage usually is around the end of the month.

Hi, I am Milan, your admin. That you made it to this page makes me so happy, much love for your support!