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Adress "tchncs.de" : Port "64738" : In the serverlist: "Yes"
Mumble is a "Voice over IP" application,
which is useful for gaming for example since
it has a short delay and a nice speech quality.
The tchncs.de Mumbleserver offers
a max. voice transmission of 320kb/s.
A Mumbleclient is able to handle up to 124,8kb/s
but for example musicbots can already deliver the maximum quality.
This Mumbleserver guarantees undisturbed conferences since
users can only get registrated by moderators and not registrated users are unable to join the channel tree for registrated users.
Moderators are in the serverdescription right after your join,
just request a registration or talk in the guest channel tree.
tchncs.de is using a 4096bit LetsEncrypt TLS certificate for e.g. chatting and is using 128 bit OCB-AES128 voice encryption.
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