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Welcome to the tchncs.de Matrixserver!
Matrix is a modern way of decentralized communication, internet of things and much more.
We here at tchncs.de are proud to host one of the first Matrix servers out there as it is for us what we ever hoped to get with Jabber (XMPP).
We believe Matrix is the future and you are invited to become part of it!
For getting started, tchncs.de is hosting a webversion of the popular, slack-oriented Riot client.
Join there as a guest or get a fresh&cool Matrix account (Email is optional)!
Riot web
Riot client with dark theme. Having a look into the #tchncs:tchncs.de room as a guest.
Jump to our Riot Webinstance
Join the tchncs.de Matrixserver from a client
This is yet only tested with Riot but it should be a least similar with other clients.
Before logging in from riot-android for example, hit "Custom server" and type in tchncs.de just like in the screenshot.
You can leave the identity server default.
Riot serverselect