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Welcome to the tchncs.de Matrix Server!


Matrix is a modern way of decentralized communication, internet of things and much more. We here at tchncs.de are proud to host one of the first Matrix servers out there, as it is for us what we always hoped to get with Jabber (XMPP). Not only is all the fancy modern stuff - like uploads or chathistory - built-in by default, there is also a great cross-plattform-client available. Even after some difficulties with it, we still believe that Matrix is the future and you are invited to become part of it!


Isn't Matrix just an IRC-client?

No. It's its own thing - the developers appear to promote their bridges to other networks very heavily, which seems to cause confusion here and there. Also the IRC-bridge uses "shadow users / puppets" to make it more fancy and native looking in the userlists.

Which client should i choose?

This time around, Riot is so far the best choice, as it coming from basically the same people, already working on Matrix and the Synapse server-software and ships implementations of new Matrix-features early. Riot is available for all major operating systems.

Joining our Matrixserver from a client

This is yet only tested with Riot, but it should be at least similar with other clients.. . Before logging in from riot-android for example, hit "Custom server" and type in tchncs.de just like in the screenshot. You can leave the identity server default:
Riot serverselect

My client complains about a misconfigured captcha!

This is a known problem with Riot running in desktop-apps for example. Please refer to chat.tchncs.de to create your account instead.

What are the servers specs?

Right now, Synapse (the server-software) has its home on a machine with an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor, some 64GB DDR4 memory, 2x512GB of raided NVMe SSD storage, Gigabit connection and DDoS Protection. The machine is located in Germany.

Is the communityroom bridged to anything?

Yes, there is a bridge to our Telegram group and to #tchncs over at the Freenode IRC-network. People didn't like the option for Discord, so while we provide the public appservice for it (see below), it is not active for this room.

A tutorial for the Telegram bridge didn't work, what can i do?

We used a different, now discontinued, software for the bridge in the beginning and migrated over to a new, way more powerful solution, which works a bit differently. Please scroll down and follow our instructions below. If it still doesn't work, please ask for help in our Community room or forum.


Telegram bridge

Telegram Bridge

Connect groupchats, or even your entire Telegram-account.
MXID: @telegrambot:tchncs.de

Instructions Features

Discord bridge

Discord Bridge

Connect groupchats
MXID: @discord_bot:tchncs.de

Instructions Features