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The friendly mailserver for nice people


Sorry, but this mailserver currently does not accept new users.

This server is currently mostly used internally, for services provided by tchncs.de. It however supports most important functionality you would expect. It also uses a number of popular spamlists and a learning spamfilter to (hopefully) keep stress off your mailbox.

You as well should unsubscribe from that nasty newsletters tho. Usually there is a tiny button on the mails bottom. :)

It however lacks some self-service functionality such as adding aliases.

Helpful notes

On some mailclients, you also need to insert your full mailaddress as the username.

  • Server: mail.tchncs.de
  • Encryption: StartTLS
  • IMAP Port: 143
  • SMTP Port: 587
  • POP? Yes 🍿
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