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tchncs is run by an individual, ad-free and funded by voluntary donations of its users.
Due to good ranking in serverlists, some services like Mastodon or Matrix became quite popular around 2017.
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Next level, federated, microblogging. Make your Twitter obsolete with a few clicks.

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A young, modern, federated solution for secure instant messaging.

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Federated platform for your photos. Same network as Mastodon and PeerTube.

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Federated YouTube alternative with P2P support.

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The World of Illuna

Unique, feature-rich Minetest Servers. Who needs Minecraft?

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Beautiful voxel-RPG, inspired by Cube World, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild & more.

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Sync your passwords, using the 3rdparty Bitwarden server written in Rust.

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The powerful encrypted collaboration suite.

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A handy place to share your snippets.

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Advanced opensource Git server.

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The powerful opensource TeamSpeak competitor.

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...also known as XMPP, is a well-known, decentralized IM and IoT solution.

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Young, like Medium, but federated!

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